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Tax Preparation and Tax Planning

Tax services provided:

Tax planning

Tax research

Tax preparation

Representation with the IRS

Preparation of form 990 for not-for-profit organizations

The most important part of tax preparation and tax planning is establishing a solid and candid communication between the accounting firm and the client.  We encourage open communications with our clients throughout the year.  The purpose of these discussions is to identify tax planning opportunities.  It is much better to identify tax issues before entering a transaction rather than filling in the holes at the end of the year. 

Before the start of each tax season, we provide our clients an organizer to help clients summarize their financial transactions by particular areas on their tax returns.  This provides a basis for us to develop the necessary questions to insure all issues have been addressed. This also allows us to focus on the areas of opportunity. 

An important distinction of Markusen and Schwing is our availability to represent our clients in the case of an audit from the IRS.  We have found that our objectivity and ability to research the law greatly increases the probability of a ‘no change’ audit.   

Professionals at Markusen and Schwing will answer many client tax questions after thoroughly researching any tax issues.  As regulations continue to become much more complex, our CPAs  take significant continuing professional education and complete the extra research necessary to stay current with regulations and opportunities.   

Markusen & Schwing can also prepare form 990 for our Not-for-Profit clients.  

Our tools include reputable tax research software as well as high quality tax preparation software.  


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