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Financial analysis

Tax planning


Business entities

Accounting systems

Chart of accounts and format of financial statements

Succession planning

Part time controller

Internal control 

Financial analysis:  We can assist our clients in reading and interpreting financial statements.  This includes identifying and analyzing trends and selecting alternatives to enhance success. 

Tax planning:  As indicated above tax planning is a process that continues throughout the year. We believe in establishing regular, candid communications with out clients so there are no surprises at tax preparation time. 

Budgeting:  We can provide assistance with budgeting.  We understand that a budget is a tool - not a rule.  Budgets can be used to project possible results based on certain assumptions.  Budgets are adjusted based on actual results.  Actual results are not adjusted based on budgets. 

Business entities:  We can help a client select the appropriate business entity such as a corporation, S-corporation, partnership, LLC, or sole proprietorship.  The entity selected is based on the objectives of the business. 

Accounting systems:  There are many alternatives for a business to consider.  We can help our clients select the system that works best considering the type of business and the information needed. 

Chart of accounts and format of financial statements: We can help our clients develop a chart of accounts and format financial statements to enhance our client’s ability to evaluate financial results.  

Succession planning:  It is imperative that a business has a plan to continue when the owner or senior management decides to exit the firm.  Proper planning can maximize the continued success of the business and enhance the amount received by the owner.  

Part time controller:    We can be involved and consult on day to day operations.  As a part time controller we can still provide tax services.  We can also prepare a compilation report, however we would need to recommend another firm to conduct audits or reviews since we would no longer be independent.            

 Internal control:  We can provide advice on implementing procedures to improve the system of internal control to reduce the probability of loss.  

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