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Services to Elder and Disabled Citizens

Elder Services Provided: 

Tax planning

Evaluation of alternatives with Social Security and Medicare

Assistance with bill paying


Meet with family members

Forensic accounting for cases of elder abuse 

The reason for the firm’s interest in financial services to seniors and  persons with disabilities stems from our personal experience with our own families.  We are committed to the safety and  financial welfare of this demographic.  In many instances, a care giver is involved in providing all services to an elder or disabled person including paying the bills.  There are many stories about care givers who misappropriate assets from the people they serve.  We have developed controls to look for these abuse patterns and enhance the financial safety of our clients. 

We are involved in bill paying, completing bank reconciliations and budgeting.  We can also help a client review and understand their statements from brokers and help them determine the results of their investments.  However we do not provide recommendation for investment purchases or asset allocations.  Those services are better provided by a competent financial advisor. 

We can also help our clients make decisions relatied to social security and Medicare. In addition we can provide forensic accounting in cases of elder abuse. 

We prefer to work with a guardian or family member when working with elder or disabled clients, however, we need permission from the client to work with others on their account.  This is included in the engagement letter along with an estimate of the costs.

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